Lombard Labour will guide and assist your business to develop pro-active initiatives and prevention practices to ensure that you avoid adverse and unintended consequences.


To equip your business to develop pro-active HR/IR initiatives and preventative practices to ensure that you avoid adverse and unintended consequences.

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Our key focus is to provide a personalised service that is procedurally compliant and even handed to our clients and their employees.

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To take the speculative guess work out of your approach when dealing with the day to day employee and business associated HR & IR concerns.

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HR / IR Services


We can assist you to not only identify the correct category of misconduct, we can advise on the elements of each that must be proved and we can also provide you with the sanction to be applied to each transgression.

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We are able to assist you with over 35 classifications of misconduct. We are also able to assist you in the preparation of your evidence as well as to the issuing of the required forms and notices in regard to the category of misconduct.



You can dismiss an employee for poor performance however there are certain rules that you are required to abide by.

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Poor performance in its own right is very different to misconduct.
We can assist you in how you should use a probationary period.
The fundementals you are required to attend to before you are able to dismiss an employee for poor performance.
Setting performance standards and how to dismiss for poor performance.


Company Policy &

Your company policy and procedure will set the foundation for the reasonable behavioural requirments expected of your employees. New company policy may be introduced at any time so long as it is a reasonable policy.

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Absenteeism/Poor timekeeping
Policy on Ethical Conduct
Leave policy including sick and special leave
Disciplinary policy
Overtime policy
Smoking policy
Sexual Harrasment policy
Cell phone usage policy
Social media policy
Dress code policy
Dessertion policy and procedure

We have access to and are able to draft over 100 policies to suite your company needs.



By far the greater majority of cases at the CCMA revolve around the unfair dismissal complaint laid by the dismissed employee.

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We are ourselves always available to chair your disciplinary hearings.
We will assist in giving you guidance on all the required essential steps for a successful disciplinary hearing.
We will guide you through an overview of the dispute resolution process, your preparation for the CCMA and evaluate your options.



An employee must receive their terms and conditions of employment in writing.

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We have prepared a number of employment contracts that will best suite your requirements. In so doing we have produced enormous flexibility across the employment contract spectrum.

Permanent employee contract – general
Permanent employee contract – management
Fixed term contract
Wage contract
Wage contract shift work
Non standard temporary or project based contract
Labour brokering (take on contract and policies)



A grievance must be taken seriously and investigated promptly. A grievance is any feeling of unhappiness or complaint by an employee or group of employees about something at work.

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Reasons why empolyees may lodge a grievance.
Why a grievance policy/procedure is important.
Guidance on the grievance procedure.