about us

Lombard Labour provides HR and IR consultancy and advisory services for the small and medium enterprise (SME). Our key focus is to provide a personalised service that is procedurally compliant and even handed to our clients and their employees.

Employers are becoming progressively more involved in the managing of an ever widening range of employer/employee concerns and conflict situations within the work place.

Lombard Labour undertakes to support and guide the South African SME through the process of employer/employee and industrial relations.


To guide your business in developing pro-active HR/IR initiatives and preventative practices to ensure that you avoid adverse and unintended consequences. To provide your business with a uniquely compliant HR & IR platform. Our flexible approach ensures that your staffing relationships and organisational requirements are met.


To provide a personalised service in building the appropriate IR & HR compliance platform that best enhances the functionality of your organisation. An even handed approach representing the best interests of the employer as well as those of the employee.


To take the speculative guess work out of your approach when dealing with the day to day employee and business associated HR & IR concerns.

how can our documents help you ?

We can provide exactly what you need when you need it.

Misconduct, Poor Performance or Grievance ?

Having provided you with the appropriate forms and notices, Lombard Labour will guide you through the procedural process.