IR Services

IR (Industrial Relations) Services

Lombard Labour will guide you step by step in dealing with the procedural requirements of misconduct, poor performance and grievance.

We will also provide you with the relevant forms and notices and by knowing how, when and what to do, you can be assured that you are following compliant and fair labour practices.


  • Step by step guide on how to deal with an allegation of misconduct
  • Evidentiary burden and preparation of witness statements
  • Preparation of all forms and notices
  • When and how to suspend an employee

No Fault Dismissal

  • Dismissal for Operational reasons

 Company Policies and procedures

  • Code of Conduct
  • Company Policy
  • Disciplinary Code & Procedure
  • Disciplinary Matrix

Poor Work Performance

  • Substantive & procedural guidance on dealing with poor work performance
  • Illness and poor performance – pre-enquiry
  • Facilitation of poor work performance meetings/counselling & consultations
  • All forms & notices

Grievance Procedure

  • Mediating employee grievances
  • Guidance on grievance procedure (Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3)
  • All forms and notices

Disciplinary Hearings

  • Chairing of disciplinary hearings.
  • Management of the process.
  • Preparation & submission of outcome.


  • Preparing your matter for the CCMA.
  • Guidance on procedural requirements for conciliation, mediation and arbitration.
  • Guidance on preparation for conciliation & arbitration.

Trade Unions

  • Managing & monitoring Union relations
  • Union negotiations
  • Recognition agreement & all matters relating thereto

Employment Equity

  • Arrange & prepare employment equity plan

Employment Contracts

  • Permanent employees
  • Fixed term contracts
  • Limited duration
  • Wage
  • Non-Standard Employment (Temporary Employment)

Unforeseen processes at the CCMA only occur because most businesses forget that if they don’t have a policy to manage a certain state-of-affairs then common practice becomes the norm regardless of the details.
The simple answer to this is by way of an illustration. At a disciplinary hearing for misconduct, one of the first matters to be addressed will be;
Is there a rule?
Is the employee aware of the rule?
Has the employee contravened the rule?
Once the parameters have been set, only then can management deal sufficiently and effectively with the day to day inter personal and company relationships of the business.
We further assist you by drafting any one of a number of HR Policies that you may require as part of your HR platform.

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Lombard Labour practise an even handed approach and fairness to both employer and employee.